Over the years I have developed my own unique approach to photographing weddings. I believe it’s an important part of my success. At the heart of my philosophy lies the notion that your experience with your photographer on the wedding day is of crucial importance, and will affect your perception of your wedding photographs as well as your memory of the day.


Your wedding is not my photoshoot. 

I am a quiet witness, not the director of your day. My gift is to be able to capture beauty in what is. 

My couples think heirloom art photography is one of the highest priority for their day, and favor candid/authentic imagery over posed, formulaic wedding photography. 

Simplicity is the highest form of elegance.

I often work on my own, dress like a guest, and keep my equipment to a minimum. The reason I work this way is to gain access. People open up only when they are able to relax and to trust. My main focus in the opening stages of a wedding day is to behave in a way that makes everybody comfortable and accept the presence of my camera. 

I know when to be invisible and when to be in control.

The family formals session is the part of the day where I will be more assertive to make sure everything flows smoothly. I will also guide you gently towards good light during the couple portraits session.

Trust & vulnerability 

Inviting a stranger to photograph you during these vulnerable moments requires a leap of faith. Your trust will create a special bond as we’ll go through a unique experience together and create the kind of images that will have the magical power of bringing you back to the emotions of your wedding day. 

These images will be passed down in your family and become part of your legacy. This idea remains on my mind throughout your wedding day and later on in the editing room. 


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